This 21-Day Challenge course is a precursor to the more in-depth professional Thought Leadership Program, though stands alone as the most effective means to get your profile up to date and start utilizing LinkedIn.

It is meant to be taken in chronological order because completing the profile is a crucial prerequisite to adding content or contacts. There will be tips in there that you may not have considered so try to follow the course in order.

If you have any questions, add them to the Facebook group and we will address them all there. Others may have the same questions and this way everyone can benefit from the answers.

For iPhone users, you can download the "Teachable" app and download the videos for offline viewing within the app. For everyone else, you'll have to access the course via streaming from the browser website.

Please note:

This program is taken from the full course for MISSING LINK: UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL ON LINKEDIN, so when it refers to sections not listed or numbered in another order, it is because they are not part of the challenge.

If you found this content valuable, the full course is offered at 50% as a special discount to those already part of the community.

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